A lot of companies offer a limo rental service for people who want to celebrate different important events. You can take advantage of this special service by planning in advance a few important details, which will save your money and allow you to have a great and memorable experience.
Plan in advance the hours, during which you will use this limo rental service, as the companies usually charge by the hour. You need to determine beforehand the participants also, so the company would be able to choose the right type of vehicle for you. Since you don't want to leave some of your guests outside, ensure that the limousine you rent has enough places for everyone, without being stacked.
The limousine company should know the type of event you are going to celebrate, whether it is a wedding or birthday party, day trip or night out, business meeting or wine tour, to be able to offer the best options and determine the rates. You might be offered a discount, if your limousine is required for airport transfer or if your event is on Saturday night.
There are a lot of vehicle types to choose from, such as Passenger Limousine that offers 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 seats, Passenger Hummer for groups of 20 people, Sedans, SUV Limousine for up to 22 passengers, shuttle bus for up to 35 people, coach bus for about 50 passengers, classic cars, like Rolls Royce, etc.
Since not all limo rental services are of equal quality, ensure you have a budget beforehand to guarantee a perfect experience during the event. Although price not always indicates the service quality, usually the best services are at higher prices.
Ensure that the vehicle you rent has the desired look, features and space to serve best for your needs. In addition, plan a couple of extra seats for people who might unexpectedly come to your party. If you require music, ask this in advance, so that the company would be able to prepare your favorite songs and play them during the whole ride. In case you plan to rent a vehicle for a large group, ask in advance about the luggage capacity.
Safety is among the most important things when you consider your limo party or event that is why opt for legitimate limo companies only. Make sure they have insurance and all required licenses to offer limo rental services.
To have a hassle free and pleasurable ride experience, plan ahead all tiny details as well, such as what beverages you will drink, where you will going to make a stop, preferred route, etc, so that the limo provider would be able to meet your needs the best possible way.
If you require a limo rental service for a big event, such as wedding, make an early booking to ensure the right model will wait for you at the required time. Some people book their limo service one year in advance. Don't forget to call them back a few days before the event to confirm reservation. Ask for the cell phone number of the driver to be able to contact him any time.

London is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world and people from different parts of the world visit London every year. Though London's public transport includes Main Line Trains, Tube stations, Coaches and Buses people prefer taxis for travelling between places in London.
Getting around London is easy with taxi services which are available in London. These taxis in London take you anywhere within the city in a safe and comfortable manner. Be it business or a leisure trip, London taxis transfer you swiftly and promptly to your destination.
Taxis are available on London Streets or in Taxi ranks available at Main areas, Tube stations, Bus Stations and mainline train stations. Most Londoners hold oyster cards, which is a boon for travellers in London. Oyster cards are used for travel in the Tubes, trains and buses. You can top up your oyster card based on your travel distance.
London's top attractions include The British Museum, The London eye, The Tate Modern, The National Gallery, The Natural History Museum, Madame Tussauds, The Tower of London and much more. In the year 2011, around 15.3 million international visitors travelled to London and this capital City serves as one of the best tourist destinations in the world.
Though London's public transport is frequent in service, people hire taxis for airport transfers, transfers to London's attractions and other locations in and around London. Tourists or visitors to London feel more comfortable with taxis and minicabs than other modes of transport, as they are not familiar with routes in London.
How to Get Taxis?
There are many taxi companies in London that provide taxis ranging from minicabs to limousines and most of the companies provide chauffeur services. Book a taxi with a licensed taxi company for convenient and safe transfers.
You can book a taxi online or by telephone and rates are fixed in most of the taxi companies available in London. Pre booking a taxi is always safe and better than hiring on the spot as newcomers to the city may face extra charges from drivers that may take advantage.
If you pre book a taxi, you can select your car based on your requirement and there are no chances that you will be charged any extra, as they have fixed rates based on distances. A few taxi companies also provide discounts and offers on online bookings and they also provide free meet and greet services for airport transfers.
You can pre book a taxi online or by telephone by card payment or you can pay cash directly to your driver.

Travelling to an airport can be frustrating, stressful, and hectic, especially if you are travelling with a lot of luggage and small children. If wishing to minimise the difficulties that are associated with travelling to the airport, you might find using a taxi or car hire service is likely to be highly desirable. A wide range of benefits are likely to be experienced by the traveller that is able to pre-book the transportation to or from the airport terminal.
By using the services of an airport car service you are able to enjoy a much more relaxing and comfortable ride, which is a lot more desirable than getting the alternative forms of transportation, such as buses and trains. Here are some of the main advantages of relying on the car hire service as a means of transportation to the airport:
Highly convenient: By using an airport car service you are able to travel alone, cheaply, and safely. If you are likely to be hiring the car service with travel companions, then you are able to split the cost between those on board which should result in a very cost-effective way to get to the airport.
Fast and reliable: A car service is able to pick you up at your home and drive you directly to the airport using the fastest and most convenient route possible. This is likely to be much faster option then the alternatives of using the bus or train, especially in those situations where you might need to make multiple changes on the way to the airport.
Less stress: A further quality aspect of booking the car or taxi services to the airport is the journey is likely to be that much more relaxed and stress-free. They are often very easy to reserve ahead of time to make certain you have access to the right sized vehicle for the date and time of the planned journey.
Alternative means of transportation to the airport are available, but in general these aren't as desirable. A rental car is a viable option for travelling to the airport, but this can be quite expensive even if hired for just the single trip. You also need to consider the cost related to filling the car with gas for the journey.
All in all, if you really want to rely on a fast and convenient service for travelling to the airport you will certainly benefit from using the friendly and professional drivers offered by the car services.

Having successful clients is part of a marketing strategy. Being able to point to successful clients is a powerful tool. If you're talking about your successful clients, you need to be clear on what a successful client looks like. You need to be able to recognize, understand and fully articulate what client success looks like. You also need to be able to describe the successful client experience in your marketing materials. Let's look at what it means for your clients to succeed. Here are some criteria that identify a successful client.

1) They must accomplish their stated goals from working with you.

Be sure that you help new clients define their goals when they start working with you. Both of you need to have the sense that it is clear exactly what the client's objectives are. If that is not clarified, it's impossible to make sure that they get their goals. If the engagement is started with fuzzy client goals, you may end up helping the client get results that are not what they most desire. That will lead the client to feel your engagement was not a success-even when they get profound results. Be sure you understand exactly what the client wants and them help them get that.

2) They must believe that working with you helped them get those stated goals.

Sometimes a client gets their stated goals, but feels that they would have gotten them without you. In this case, they don't have the same feeling of success that gets them to promote your business. Even worse, they could feel that their money was wasted or misspent and feel resentment. These things could happen if the goals aren't well defined from the beginning.

Part of client success is to keep your clients appreciating how the working relationship caused their success. What's the point in getting great client success from your work, if the client doesn't see it that same way? Give them a "picture" of their progress by reminding them of where they were when you started and how far they have come since you've worked together. You want to consistently remind and renew the client's appreciation of the working relationship.

3) They must have the feeling that they have greatly benefitted from their investment in your services.

Your clients need to appreciate that it was the working relationship that helped them get their goals. They must "get" that they have received great benefits from investing in your services. Of course, this must arise from the client's natural feelings. The feeling isn't induced by you, except insofar as your delivering great results to the client. You want your clients to understand how the process of working together brought them to where they wanted to be. They must see how your skill and experience was key to their turning their situation around.

4) They must feel very satisfied with your work together.

If your clients are not ecstatically satisfied with the results they got from working with you, they are not going to be an ambassador for your business. You want to leave them fully satisfied and grateful for having the opportunity to work with you. For this to happen, they must have a very clear picture of the contrast between their circumstances at the beginning and at the end of their engagement with you.

It's up to you to draw this contrast with them as you work together and at the end of the engagement. Clients "forget" how bad things were when they started working with you. You need to help them remember and to "see" the changes.

5) They must be willing to recommend you to others who need your services.

In order for this "marketing strategy" to work, your clients must be enthusiastic enough about your services to speak positively about your business to other business owners they meet. This is going to happen naturally when your clients have gotten profound results-and their stated goals-from working with you.

You do have to help them along though with a gentle reminder that you would appreciate any referrals they might be inspired to send your way. Be sure this is done gently and without a heavy hand. Don't forget to ask for referrals from existing clients.

If you truly want to have the most profound marketing technique working for you, ensure that your clients are successful. In order to accomplish that, you must understand what client success looks like for your business. These are the basic guidelines though your business may have some other specific indicators of success.

Suzi Elton provides business writing that attracts targeted prospects to your service business and converts them into clients for you. She is a Robert Middleton Certified Action Plan Marketing Coach, as well as a professional writer. Her website offers a free series of 8 assessments you can use to analyze your own site.
OK, it's time to start your own business - way to go! It's a big decision working for someone else who takes care of everything; accounting, payroll, taxes, inventory, and most likely, a huge bunch of other departments and responsibilities necessary to control their own company. But, running your own business has its benefits, as well.

Now, I must mention, please keep in mind, one can be fully fulfilled and inspired while having the job of their dreams also. It all comes down to attitude and personal motivation. If you are working in a field that you are fully inspired by, congrats and be sure to appreciate it as going your own way also has its risks. But, having said that:

The main train of thought is you are your own boss, work the hours you choose and which days to work, and, unfortunately or fortunately, you are purely responsible for the entire success. It's a wonderful way to release yourself from the rat race of 9-5, if you choose, as well as being involved in doing what you love, what you might have a passion for, but you have to begin by asking just a few things:

1. Do you love what you are doing or is it something you are good at? A dream of escaping the normal way the world works can be very inspiring to work for yourself, but you must be motivated to work every morning to do what you have chosen to do for a living.

2. What is it that you believe you would like to do? What interests, area or industry is it going to be? Do you believe there is a market for what you can provide? Have you thought whether the area can handle another entry?

3. Do you have the talent or technical skills required? Just because you feel you are able to do a skill that you consider special, it could possibly not be a strong item to convince customers or investors that it is a valuable purchase or a strong financial investment.

4. What, where and who are the competitors in this area and what separates you from the rest? Why should investors or potential prospect customers choose you? What differentiates you from what everyone else does?

OK, When you're finally satisfied that your answers to these questions are solid, it's decision time, of what business structure works best for you. Is it a sole proprietor, responsible for every area and the entire authority to run the business? Will you have a partner, share the cost, workload and responsibility but also the ideas, profits and every business decision from the get go? Or maybe your decision is to incorporate, including all the financial safety's and securities but way more involved, complex and a costly structure?

This is when you must seek legal advice! Seriously, it is strongly recommended, mainly because it is for you to completely understand all the advantages, disadvantages and to be sue the setup is proper and that you are fully aware of your chosen structuring plan. Most attorneys will offer a complimentary or a discounted-rate initial consultation. Once the decision and plan is decided, a formal name for your new company should be chosen. Make sure it is easy to remember - be sure to not use initials or single letters (A & B & C Limited could be challenging to remember for clients or associates). Also, make it say something about what the business does or what it offers ("Joe's Shoe Specialists" is much easier to spell and remember).

Now comes the real sweat equity work, a business plan. This is the real beginning of your baby, it is the most important part in creating all these topics and proposals in a modernized and easy to follow format; fancy designs do not help your future baby succeed. A strong business plan acts as a formal statement for the financing needs and plans, goals, overall structure and all the initial legal considerations. Think of this as a corporate "resume" to potential lenders or investors and is the main documentation that will be used to calculate if your business could be a worthwhile investment. It also offers the proprietor(s) a opportunity to evaluate and see the operational details of your new company on paper.

A basic business plan should contain a balance sheet, income statement (also known as a Profit & Loss) and a statement of cash flow. Adding in a proposed financial budget for the first year, or as long a period as necessary if a year is impractical is a highly recommended course of action also. There are many formats and structures for business plans and many templates are available online or through formal providers who can assist or guide you along the way.

If you follow these quick tips, and the outcome looks promising you might be able to plan for success. Just remember, as much as this dance of being your own boss and owning your own company sounds exciting and positive, always remember, it will take work and dedication. Not only will you need a strong commitment but it will also serve you well to have a support community around you. Your family and friends can be a huge part of your success. So be sure to evaluate who you have around you and how to involve them and motivate them to join your team and become cheerleaders.

Also, as mentioned earlier, be sure to not discount employment for a solid company that offers future potential and is in the area or industry that fulfills you and connects with your beliefs and passion.

Satisfaction starts with an attitude and a responsibility of commitment to being your best you can be, what ever situation you find yourself in.

I want to wish you good luck in your potential and new professional endeavour, for yourself or as a new redefined employee!

Thanks for reading my article. I am committed to creating a motivated and dynamic life for young and old.
If you've been out and about you've probably heard of the term CRM or Customer Relationship Manager (or Management) in the past. What exactly is it? What is CRM? What does it mean to a small business?

It's quite simple. This is a piece of software that allows you track communication and notes about your customers. A lot of people try to do this using Excel or some other type of Office product but then they find that over time it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of information on their clients. In this article we will review some key benefits that you will find with a CRM:

1. Track details about your Customer

A robust CRM and even a simple one should be able to provide you insight into your customers behaviour. What industry do they belong to? How many employees do they have? When is their birthday? How many contacts are there in the organization? You should also be able to track custom information on your customers too. For instance, what is their favourite colour? Or do they have pets? You should be able to easily track and input information about your Companies and Contacts with ease.

2. Quickly add Notes

With any CRM system you should be able to capture notes quickly and easily. In many CRM's you will now find Comments or Activity Feeds where you can quickly and easily add in notes regarding that customer. For example, you might say "I recently spoke with John at Acme Co. He's really excited and just wanted to let us know that our approach to working with him is great."

Now every time you go back to that record you will see those comments and quickly bring yourself up to speed to what is happening with the account.

3. Connected Information

Whether you're scheduling phone calls, tasks or track attachments in a CRM, it's important you have these features to help track what is going on with your customers' account. With most modern CRM's you can now track tasks such as "Send out proposal" and include a due date so that the task can show up on your dashboard. You should also be able to attach that proposal into a Note inside of the CRM for future reference a well.

4. Integration with other tools

It's important that a CRM can integrate with other systems and probably the most important is an email marketing tool. You want to keep your customers informed on your latest marketing offerings so by integrating an email marketing solution such as MailChimp or Constant Contact (or others) you can quickly send out emails to your opted in membership from inside of your CRM.

There are a number of benefits with a CRM solution that you can help you keep a tab on what's going on inside of your organization. It's just a matter of finding the right product for you, being diligent to track the information and taking advantage of the possibilities.
Robert Burns said it eloquently "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry". Business is more than just being smart but lucky as well. However skills and planning can definitely help in making the odds more in your favor. The most important part is that it takes money to make money. Unless you're independently wealthy, then start-up and working capital is a must. If you begin a business venture with not enough capital taking a shot you're doomed from the start.

Where ever you do receive capital from most times they need to be paid back. Generally that payment is incorporated into your operating costs, which uses revenues and percentages to show profit. Make sure your estimated monthly sales are as accurate as possible, and I would suggest reducing them by ten to twenty percent. This way you'll know in slower times that at least the fixed expenses will be covered. Here's a hypothetical example, you open a restaurant in a great location, and two weeks later the city starts doing road work making the street none accessible for like a month or two. Very little business comes in but you're on the hook for expenses regardless. If you don't in advance ensure enough working capital, and overestimate sales then you be out of business in a heartbeat. Rule number one in beating the odds, be aware of your business financials!

I've honestly met the worst business people in the world, unorganized, not focused, lazy, terrible with numbers, and extremely successful, how does that happen? Most know inside they're not the sharpest pencils in the box, so they counter that with hiring exceptional people to make them look good. As a result through the staff's hard work in spite of the owner's defiance's the business grows. Rule number two in beating the odds, hire those who might be more skilled than you in certain areas, and most important let them fly!

Make sure the product or service is competitive within your market place. In today's world with the economy so poor more people are purchasing on price than quality. It is vital that you study your demographic, the competitions pricing prior to making a business investment. Rule number three in beating the odds, the money is made in the buying not the selling!

Set a budget for marketing and advertising building a loyal customer base, and make a plan of action that will entice people to check-out your products or services. In developing a brand one must figure-out what will make them stick-out with customers feeling they need to be there. Rule number four in beating the odds, set a better mouse trap!

My final one is never put yourself in personal financial jeopardy when going into business. Make sure to incorporate your business so you're not personally liable if things should go south. Going bankrupt with an incorporation allows you to walk away not in a moral way, but a business one on clear and free. If you sign personally have no choice but to go bankrupt they'll take everything cars, house, any personal asset of value. Rule number five in beating the odds, always cover your butt!

Is using the five rules above going to guarantee your success definitely not! There are too many variables in a business situation, but having a calculated risk will help you make the odds more in your favor. Just keep in mind business is 50% skill and 50% luck, are you willing to play those odds?

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